28th September 2023

LeadingRE's Destination Guide to Nicosia, Cyprus

LeadingRE's Destination Guide to Nicosia, Cyprus

Why You Should Consider Living in Nicosia, Cyprus

The island nation of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean possesses a rich history and culture spanning over 10,000 years. Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, it blends modern amenities with ancient charm. The capital city Nicosia encapsulates Cyprus’s welcoming spirit and high quality of life. If you’re looking for your next overseas adventure, Nicosia has compelling reasons to top your list.

A Vibrant and Affordable Mediterranean Lifestyle

As the capital and cultural heart of Cyprus, Nicosia offers a unique blend of ancient history, modern amenities, and Mediterranean lifestyle. Located almost exactly in the centre of the island, it provides easy access to Cyprus's renowned beaches, villages, and mountains. Cosmopolitan yet laidback, Nicosia provides an affordable, high-quality life in the Mediterranean sun. Here are the top reasons to consider making Nicosia your new home base.

Affordable Cost of Living in Nicosia, Cyprus

The cost of living in Nicosia, Cyprus is significantly lower than in other major European capital cities. Expats and newcomers can enjoy a comfortable, high-quality lifestyle here for much less compared to London, Paris or Rome.

Cheap Dining and Entertainment

Dining out at local tavernas, cultural activities, and nightlife in Nicosia are extremely affordable for expats. A meal at a typical Cypriot meze restaurant or taverna may cost €10-15 per person including drinks. Entertainment options like movies, theatre and concerts are comparably priced to other major European cities.

Affordable Transportation

Public transportation is relatively limited in Nicosia, so most residents and expats rely on cars to get around. But taxis are an extremely affordable and convenient option for transportation within the city, with average fares starting under €3. Fuel prices are on par with the rest of the EU.

Low-Cost Utilities 

Basic utility costs like electricity, heating, water, and garbage collection in Nicosia are generally lower on average than in much of Europe. Fast home internet with unlimited data can easily be obtained for around €25-40 per month.

So overall, the cost of living in Nicosia is around 25-50% lower than most major Western European capitals. This allows the average expat's income to stretch much further when living in Cyprus.

Excellent Climate and Lifestyle

Nicosia enjoys a sunny Mediterranean climate all year long. Winters average a mild 60°F (15°C) while summers are hot and dry with highs around 95°F (35°C).

This weather allows an outdoor lifestyle with year-round access to the island's nature, villages, and coastlines. Locals spend ample time socializing at cafes, restaurants, and parks. Athletic activities like hiking, cycling, swimming, and water sports can be enjoyed any time of year.

For chilling out, Nicosia offers quaint museums, galleries, theatres, and historic architecture. The thriving cafe culture provides plenty of spots to relax over a frappe or Cyprus coffee surrounded by the hustle and bustle of city life.

Cosmopolitan Culture and Cuisine in Nicosia

As a major world capital dating back thousands of years, Nicosia is a true melting pot of cultures and cuisines. You’ll find:

  • Traces of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman influences in its art, architecture, and culture.
  • Communities from across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, add to its rich diversity.
  • A vibrant arts and music scene with galleries, theatres, festivals, and concerts.
  • An exciting food scene with traditional Cypriot meze along with all types of international cuisines.

Being centrally located, the city is very convenient as a base to explore the entire island and experience everything Cyprus has to offer.

Education and Healthcare

Nicosia is home to over a dozen universities, including the country’s largest school, the University of Cyprus. Higher education options for expats abound in fields like business, medicine, computer science, engineering, and more.

For families relocating to Nicosia, the city offers excellent K-12 schools, including Cypriot public schools teaching the local curriculum along with private and international options for expats. Well-regarded international schools provide education in English, French, German and more.

Healthcare in Cyprus is very high-quality and affordable for expats, with options for both public and private coverage. Nicosia has numerous top hospitals and clinics staffed by well-trained, multilingual Cypriot doctors and nurses.

Business Advantages

Nicosia, Cyprus offers significant incentives for entrepreneurs, expats, and international businesses looking to expand:

  • Low corporate tax rates at just 12.5%, among the lowest in the EU
  • Highly educated, multilingual Cypriot workforce speaking English, Greek, Turkish and other languages
  • Strategic location bridging Europe, Asia, and Africa for trade and transport
  • State-of-the-art telecoms and infrastructure ideal for tech companies and startups
  • Supportive government programs like grants, subsidies, and tax breaks provide assistance
  • Affordable office space and cost of living allow profits to go further

With its business-friendly environment and excellent location, Nicosia is attracting many companies and startups in sectors like financial services, education, tourism and technology. The city provides the ideal base for entrepreneurs and expats looking to launch or expand an international business.

Centrally Located

Situated almost exactly in the centre of the island of Cyprus, living in Nicosia places expats and residents just a short drive from the country's top attractions and scenic locales.

The sandy beaches and lively resort towns like Ayia Napa and Limassol along the scenic southern coast are very accessible from the capital city. Quaint villages with local tavernas and charming wineries are scattered across the countryside's rolling hills surrounding Nicosia. The stunning mountain peaks and hiking trails throughout the majestic Troodos Mountains are also within easy reach.

From Nicosia, newcomers and expats also have quick access to two international airports in Cyprus. Larnaca International Airport is located just 45 minutes away while Paphos International Airport is only about 1.5 hours away by car or intercity bus. This provides convenient transport options when arriving on the island or taking weekend trips to explore more of the Mediterranean region.

Overall, Nicosia's ideal central location allows residents to enjoy the best of everything Cyprus has to offer, from beaches to villages to mountain ranges, all within a short drive. It's easy for expats to take full advantage of the island's natural beauty and diversity when living in the Cypriot capital.

A City of Resilience

Due to its divided status stemming from the 1974 conflict and its central location on the island, Nicosia holds a unique place in Cyprus’s long history and future evolution. This tumultuous past instils a strong sense of cultural identity and resilience in the Cypriot people living in the capital city.

Recent economic and health turmoil like the 2012 financial crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have deeply challenged Nicosians, but also highlighted their characteristic grit, generosity towards neighbours, and hospitality even in the toughest of times.

By choosing to settle down in Nicosia despite its ongoing political and economic hardships, expat newcomers become part of the spirit of the city. Your contributions as residents help shape the capital's ongoing rebuilding, growth and cultural development in the 21st century. Nicosia has weathered many storms over its thousands of years of history, and the resolve and determination of its diverse people continue to carry it forward today.

The Ideal Home Base in Cyprus

Nicosia brings all the key benefits of island life - sunshine, beaches, friendly locals, culture, and food - in an accessible, affordable package.

It provides the amenities and opportunities of an international capital while retaining the cosy Cypriot charm. You can build a comfortable life here and easily explore all corners of this treasured Mediterranean nation.

For a vibrant culture, affordable living, and a launching pad to Cyprus's wonders, look no further than Nicosia.

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