4th October 2023

A Guide to Soho Resort in Paphos, Cyprus

A Guide to Soho Resort in Paphos, Cyprus

Soho Resort: Paphos' Newest Luxury Landmark

Nestled along the shores of the Mediterranean, Paphos has long been revered as the jewel of Cyprus. Known for its breathtaking coastal landscapes, ancient history, and an array of attractions, this seaside destination captivates visitors from around the world.

Yet Paphos continues to evolve as a premier locale - welcoming exciting new developments that elevate the city's offerings. The latest addition poised to grace this idyllic setting? Soho Resort, Paphos' groundbreaking new luxury residential resort.

Developed by renowned local developer Korantina Homes, Soho Resort aspires to redefine Paphos' skyline and usher in a contemporary icon for the region. Perched along the coastline, Soho Resort interweaves striking architecture, indulgent amenities, and an unmatched beachfront lifestyle.

Paphos Gains an Architectural Gem

Soho Resort is set to become the premier residential destination in Paphos, Cyprus. Developed by Korantina Homes, this beachfront seafront resort and celebrated Paphos landmark located at the city’s most privileged waterfront location consists of two elegant towers along Paphos' honey-coloured coastline.

With its organic architecture and sweeping sea views, Soho Resort brings a touch of modern luxury to this historic coastal city. The residential West Tower will encompass 15 floors while the under-construction East Tower will consist of 16 floors of residential space. The eagerly anticipated development includes organic lines and natural curves, set to be the highest building in the city and the tallest landmark in Paphos.

Luxurious Cyprus Living by the Sea

Residents can choose from a range of well-appointed apartments, ranging from spacious 2-bedroom layouts to lavish penthouses. Each home features high-end finishes like granite countertops, imported tile, and premium appliances. The apartments are fully equipped with modern conveniences like air conditioning, high-speed internet, and smart home technology. Large terraces provide panoramic vistas of the turquoise Mediterranean Sea and the rugged Paphos shoreline.

The contemporary design combines elegant rooms decorated in a minimalist style with opulent amenities including the five-star spa and gourmet restaurant. The spa offers a range of treatments like massages, facials, and body wraps in a relaxing setting. The gourmet restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with fresh local ingredients. The seafront location offers tranquil settings beside the infamous Ayia Napa coastline known for its pristine beaches and vibrant nightlife. Residents can enjoy a peaceful respite steps from the action.

Soho's Resort-style Amenities

Beyond the luxurious residences, Soho Resort offers a full suite of amenities to enhance the lifestyle of its discerning homeowners. A shimmering outdoor swimming pool overlooks the sea, providing stunning views while taking a dip.

A state-of-the-art gym features top-of-the-line equipment and classes catering to fitness enthusiasts. The five-star spa offers indulgent treatments like massages, saunas, and therapeutic baths for ultimate relaxation. Lush tropical gardens, tennis courts, basketball courts, and a playground provide outdoor spaces for homeowners to enjoy within the resort.

The leisure amenities situate Soho Resort within the cultural fabric of Paphos. The resort is near notable monuments and 19th-century architecture distinguished by honey-coloured stonework mixed with modern décor. There are activities likemarkets and festivals for the whole family including the €10 million spruce clearly aimed at locals and visitors alike. Soho integrates the natural beauty and history of Paphos with its luxurious offerings for a one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience.

Soho is Ideally Located Near Attractions

The Soho Resort site also contains vibrant commercial facilities, including trendy restaurants showcasing contemporary Cyprus cuisine and upscale shops selling designer brands. With the Paphos city centre just minutes away by car or public transport, residents can easily experience Cyprus' rich culture, nightlife and historic attractions like the Tombs of the Kings archaeological site and Aphrodite's Rock.

Nearby destinations like Larnaca known for its beautiful palm tree promenade, the mountain village of Agros famed for its rosewater, and the capital city of Nicosia with its UNESCO sites are all within reach for day trips or weekend getaways. The prime location provides opportunities to explore Cyprus' dramatic landscapes, spend the day relaxing at pristine beaches, or enjoy the electric international club scene that Soho is known for. Residents will never run out of things to do while living at Soho Resort.

Low-Crime Rate 

Cyprus is known to have one of the lowest crime rates in Europe and the world. According to statistics, Cyprus has a crime rate of 22.4 crimes per 100,000 population, which is significantly lower than the European Union average of 65.5.

There are several factors that contribute to Cyprus' low levels of crime. The country has a relatively small population of only around 1.2 million. Additionally, Cyprus enjoys political and economic stability compared to some other countries in the region. Strong family values and community cohesion in Cypriot culture may also deter criminal behaviour.

Cyprus' thriving tourism industry accounts for a large portion of the economy, so there are incentives to maintain peace and order. Overall, Cyprus' combination of a small population, political stability, and emphasis on tourism and community has fostered an environment of safety and security for residents and visitors.

Is Cyprus Cheap or Expensive?

Overall, Cyprus offers a very affordable cost of living compared to other Mediterranean destinations. While not the absolute cheapest, it is generally an inexpensive place to live and vacation. The north of Cyprus specifically tends to be cheaper than the south.

Some key points:

  • Accommodation is reasonably priced, with affordable hotels, apartments, and long-term rentals.
  • Public transportation, taxis, and daily activities are low-cost.
  • Groceries and dining out can be very cheap, especially if eating local food and produce.
  • Property purchases and rentals are much more affordable than on other islands.
  • Private healthcare is expensive, but public healthcare is free or low-cost.

So in summary, Cyprus provides an excellent value for money compared to other similar coastal destinations. It's easy to have a high quality of life on a moderate budget. 

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