DeTrafford UK

DeTrafford UK

DeTrafford is a UK property developer dedicated to crafting unique functional homes. Through our network of professionals and in-house specialists, we optimize the redevelopment potential of our sites through effective planning negotiation. Being equally skilled in arranging and securing pre-sales, we package unrivalled development opportunities to investors and equity partners. We continually strive to achieve innovative, efficient and elegant design solutions – key components in our mission to deliver beautiful homes, cherished by owners and communities and acknowledged for their sustainability. Embracing environmentally conscious living and low energy solutions are just some of the ways we are helping to lead the way home. 

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161 N. Clark St. Suite 1200
Chicago, IL 60601 USA
T : +1-312-424-0400


1 Northumberland Av.,
Trafalgar Square
London WC2N 5BW UK
T : +44 20 3399 9040


1 Raffles Place,
#20-61 Tower 2
Singapore 048616
T : +65 6808 6984